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Representatives from Maharishi University of Management, USA Visited LUT

On October 31, Prof. Zhu Yunxiang, Vice President of Maharishi University of Management and Mr. William Peter Goldstein, President of Overseas Exploration Committee visited LUT. President Wang Qi and Vice President Zhang Guang’an received the honorable guests. Both talked over the interscholastic cooperation through this meeting.

President Wang Qi introduced the establishment and development of our university. He said that in view of the rapid development of the current higher education, China needed to facilitate the development of science and technology, strongly advocate the cross-discipline and focus on its progress. He hoped this interscholastic project in cultivating Masters and Doctors could be an opportunity to deepen our communication and cooperation, share excellent educational resources and cultivate together the international talents with the international view and cross-cultural communication skills.

Vice President Zhu Yunxiang showed his gratitude to our reception and introduced the history, educational management advantages and students’ career prospects in Maharishi University of Management. He hoped to have more academic exchange and carry out scientific research in many aspects with our university and together make a success of both educational businesses.

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