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President Assistant Dr. Samuel Louis Bandy of Rockford University of America Visited LUT

On July 17, 2019, President Assistant Dr. Samuel Louis Bandy of Rockford University visited our university at LUT’s invitation. President Wang Qi received him and discussed on the promotion of mutual collaboration in areas of electronic information, economics, electrics, mathematics and art, etc.

During this meeting, President Wang Qi welcomed Dr. Samuel Louis Bandy and expressed his wish to establish the foundation of mutual understanding and exchange ideas for the future collaboration of both universities with the plan of students’ short-term exchange, credits transfer, English language training program and teachers’ advanced studies.

Dr. Samuel Louis Bandy showed his gratitude for our warm welcome. He said, Rockford University had always emphasized on the collaboration with Chinese universities and had similar cultivation concept with LUT in computer, business, mathematics and artistic design. Rockford University has a long history and great achievement in English teaching and training program and welcomes teachers from LUT to go to America for further study. Also, Dr. Samuel Louis Bandy expressed his appreciation on the achievements of our students in creative and practical areas and is hope to recommend and select excellent students to come to LUT for short-term exchange.

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