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Prof.Jacek B?a?ewicz of Poznan University of Technology Visited LUT and Held An Academic Seminar

From October 14 to 16, academician of Polish Academy of Sciences, Vice President of International Operation Research Association, Director of Computer Science Department of Poznan University of Technology, Prof. Jacek B?a?ewicz came and visited LUT. President Wang Qi received the guests and started the talks on the extension of the current collaboration pattern by extending the collaboration field. Both hoped to open up a new situation of educational collaboration with the help of the Chinese One Belt One Road Initiative and new Polish education policy, 

In the meeting, President Wang Qi welcomed Prof. Jacek B?a?ewicz on behalf of LUT. He retrospected the friendly relations since 2016 and elaborated the progress in scientific development exchange, teacher cultivation and students exchange. President Wang Qi hoped that Prof. Jacek B?a?ewicz’s visit could further the communication of both universities and carry out a more cohesive collaboration in the areas of big data, data method and engineering professions.

Prof. Jacek B?a?ewicz expressed his gratitude for our warm welcome and said both universities had the stron belief in building up a superior higher education; teachers and students from both universities had solid friendship and close connection. He also hoped to push the exchange and collaboration between both universities further. Faced with mutual opportunities and challenges, both will go with the new trend in high technology industrial development, merge together both advantages and establish a new platform for international collaboration.



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